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It is crucial to keep in mind that the Romanian culture is quite different from that of the West. Romanian women are more assertive than Western women. Western men are not used to this and fail to appreciate the Romanian culture’s inherent shyness. Respect the customs of the culture and traditional values.

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Romania is home to 19 millions people. The vulnerable population of Romania is 19 million. In the end, there are millions of Romanians trapped in brothels, strip clubs and avenue prostitution in other countries. Similar numbers are reported in other European countries, Germany, Holland, and Spain.

Although prostitution isn’t illegal in Romania, associated activities are. Procuring and solicitation are both crimes which can result in fines. Despite the fact that prostitution is legal in Romania it is profitable for some men. Some men in Romania wash cars to make extra money. Others are full-time prostitutes and earn upwards of 400 Euros per night.

Romanian women are extremely friendly and would rather make friends first. They don’t spend much time looking for a man. Their friends are their second families and they respect their opinions. This is why it’s beneficial to meet them first and build a relationship with them.

Romanian women are also targeted for trafficking on a massive scale in the UK. According to police in South-east England, 156 brothels had been raided in the period 2016-2018. 86 percent of the women who were found were from Romania. In the same time frame, eight brothels in Northumbria were inspected. More than half of them were linked to organized criminal gangs.

Romanian escorts are extremely well-informed about the business. They are also able to answer questions designed to appeal to Italian men. They are also aware that the people in Italy aren’t used to drinking as much alcohol as those in other countries. They are also experienced in how to deal with women.

Romanian women are also very compassionate and loving. They are honest and open and will often share any issues they face. They have less negative emotions and are generally better at resolving problems with ease. They also have a great deal of experience in keeping the family going.