Easy Fruit Gardening Tips

Fruits are an attractive addition to any garden, adding color and taste. Unfortunately, like anything else they can be vulnerable to pests and diseases; so it is essential that you monitor for these issues. Fortunately, there are some simple fruit gardening tips you can use to keep your fruit-bearing plants happy and healthy.

First and foremost, select varieties of fruit that will thrive in your climate. If you live in a colder region, there are some winter-hardy options such as apples, crabapples, sour cherries, plums, pears and raspberries.

Another excellent idea is to plant both annual and perennial fruit varieties. While annuals typically finish within one growing season, perennials come back stronger and produce more harvests. This strategy works especially well if you have limited space or only want to plant a few different kinds of fruits in your garden.

Plant perennial fruit varieties from seeds, though these typically take years to mature. Some can be directly planted into your garden while others require that they be started indoors first.

Once your seeds have sprouted, sow them in your garden and cover with soil to prevent drying out. Additionally, to give your seeds the best chance at success, be sure to water them regularly.

Fruit trees and bushes require healthy soil to thrive, so make sure the area where they are planted has good drainage. Soil that is heavy with clay can cause root rot, making it difficult for the trees to flourish. If your soil is lacking, try adding organic matter or compost to improve it.

The next step is to fertilize your fruit-bearing plants, shrubs and trees. This is essential in order to maintain their health and maximize fruit production. An organic fertilizer can promote strong, healthy growth while giving these plants the energy they require to produce delicious, fresh-picked produce.

Fruit-bearing plants not only provide you with an abundant harvest, but they are also great at attracting wildlife. If you want to start cultivating a fruit garden, research what kinds of fruits attract birds, insects and other creatures best.

Finally, be sure to safeguard your fruit trees and bushes from freezing temperatures as well as other weather conditions that could harm or kill them. If you see signs of frost damage on your trees, wrap them up until the danger has passed.

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