A person never really plans on becoming an escort now do they? When they’re a child, they will have dreams of becoming an astronaut or a doctor, their dreams will be as high as the Burj Khalifa, as the years go by, LIFE happens, and they would be inclined to get into a business like escorting. The most popular reason someone gets into escorting is when they have no other options available except to become an escort and that is one sure way of making a ton of money. Another reason is that they actually want to.

Escorting is a fantastic way to enjoy the luxurious company of strangers and have anonymous sex with how many ever people you want and get paid huge amounts of money for it. On average, an escort makes upwards of $500 per customer; if the customer is a wealthy one, then the escort charges more than $1000. Even if the escort meets 15 wealthy customers a month, they would make $15,000 in just a month. That is a lot of dough. Most of them are attracted by the money, more than the sex.

I interviewed a couple of escorts and asked them how they got into the business; here is what they had to say.

Escort 1. I was 18 and was doing some modelling for the local mall, they wanted to put up some posters in their clothing stores, and I figured “why not?” so I finished the gig and I was heading home when this lady comes up to me and hands me a card for an escort agency. I didn’t even know what an escort agency was; I thought she was asking me to be a male prostitute. I said I would think about it and that I did. I went home and researched what it would be like. At 18 years old, I was young, horny and needed the money for college. So I gave them a call the next day, and well here we are. I finished high school but didn’t go back to college. I enjoy escorting, and I would not choose a different career path if given the opportunity.

Escort 2. When you hear the word escort, people think “maybe he/she is from a broken home, maybe a rough childhood would do that to a child” In my case that would indeed be true. I was moving from one foster home to another. I never really fit in anywhere. I had no clue who my birth parents were, still don’t. I was obese and weighed 200 pounds by the time I was 15. Later puberty hit and I started playing sports I got a lean body and got fit. One day after practice one guy came up to me and offered me $200 for a blowjob. I was deep in the closet back then when no one knew I was gay. I agreed and made $200. I was actually really happy that I made money and enjoyed the experience. Well there you have it, that’s how it all started for me, haven’t looked back since.