No can deny the fact that sex is one activity that no one gets bored. To keep the fire burning people indulge in various things. Some of the common things are experimenting with different kinds of foreplay and having sex is different kinds of positions.

But one of the things that most people do not try is sex games. It is one of the best ways to have an amazing time in bed with your sex partner. Many people who are into Birmingham adult work have stated that sex games are one of the common requests that they receive from their clients. In this article, we will see some of the best sex games.

Strip Poker

Poker is one of the engaging games that we all love to play. Adding a bit of adultness will make it more fun and interesting especially when you going to have sex. By the name itself you might have guessed what this game is all about. In every game, the person who loses needs to get rid of one of the clothes that they are wearing. The game will continue until one of the players becomes completely naked.

Naked Twister

Naked twister is not just about fun and sex. It helps the sex partners to get intimate with each other as there are good possibilities that their bodies will come in contact with each other in both nice and awkward ways. There no big difference in a normal twister and naked twister. The game is exactly the same, but you need to play without any clothes. Just the imagination gives us a whole lot of excitement.  This is not just for normal people. Even some individuals who are into Birmingham escort work find it very interesting and sexy.

Fantasy Sex Box

Fantasy sex box is the kind of game that everyone wants to indulge in. This is the kind of game where both the people who are playing can have some fun and definitely a lot of sex. This is more like a lucky draw. Both the people have to write some of their favourite things to do in sex in small cards. One person has to choose the cards and whatever comes in the card must be done.

Truth or dare

Everyone knows the drill in a normal truth or dare. But when it comes to playing truth or dare between sex partners, there are some things that need to be changed. The questions that are asked must be something that is totally related to sex. If the questions are not answered the dare that is given to the people should be in such a way that it involves some naughtiness. The intensity can vary according to the comfort levels of your sex partner. To enjoy this activity to the max, make sure that you ask some unanswerable questions.